Hootsuite To Assess Social Media

Knowing the results of your social media is very important as it can help to know the activities done on this platform and save your time. There are ways to know these results which can be achieved like reports with the help of few simple tools. One of the best tool that is recommended and used by most of the social media people is the Hootsuite. This tool is very common among the Twitter users as it helps them to do all the process in a much easier way. Hootsuite can be used with basic plan, but if you are really planning to use this tool to the extent level select the premium option. With paid plan in Hootsuite you can get access to number of new features that can help you to get enhanced report related to your social media account.

1. Template reports- Hootsuite can be used to get the template reports of the social media platform. To use Hootsuite, first create an account and log into the tool. Then go to the dashboard and select analytics icon located at the left side on the screen. Now you can see the list of new template reports that can be used with basic features. With the basic Hootsuite account it is possible to get only 2 basic reports. The profile overview template helps to track the follower growth in Twitter over time along with keyword mentions. Try to generate this basic report on regular basis using the profile development in Twitter. To get the report, just go to report owner to select the Twitter profile and choose the option Create Report. Now you will get the report generated and adjust it as per your desire. The report can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format or get a print from the tool itself.

2. Paid templates- Using Hootsuite with premium accounts can help to get template reports that are listed in Analytics section. Each template that is see will take out few points which is based on the paid package selected by you. There are different versions of paid template reports which include Twitter engagement report that helps to track the follower growth in Twitter along with mentions as well as retweets. Twitter aggregate is another template that can be used to compare the Twitter accounts and it can be the perfect option if you are managing multiple Twitter accounts.

3. Custom reports- Hootsuite also provides custom reports by bringing together all the details received and simplify your process. There are 2 options available for getting these custom reports such as with Analytics screen where you have to select Build Custom Report. In the report template you must select edit icon to see the Report Builder. There will be two options now which includes report template and build custom report. Use Analytic Modules in Report Builder to edit the modules and this can be done only if you have a paid Hootsuite account.

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