Monitor Social Accounts With Notifications

Social media accounts must be monitored regularly to make sure that you are getting proper engagements in it. But sometimes there are chances that you may miss important information in your inbox of the social media account. To avoid this you can just customize the social media account inbox to be used in your mobile. It is also possible to create notifications that can help to stay connected with messages in your inbox. With all the following options you will be able to use the social media network apps in your mobile and get all the notifications perfectly adjusting the settings. The notifications selected on the settings will help you to monitor all the important messages received in your inbox of the social media network with the help of your mobile.

1. Download social media app- Try to download your app launched by the social media networks officially which is the best option to start with. There are also other apps that can help you with the same things which are usually done with the official social app. But some of the social media networks like Twitter offer only one app for its users of Android and iPhone.

2. Notification preferences- If you are using an iPhone, then just go to Settings and select the option Notifications. Now you will be able to configure all of your social media network apps as per your preference to get notifications. It is easy to see all the notifications to be reviewed after setting your social media account according to your preference. You can go through Notification Center to see the messages received on your social media account in detail. Those who use Android phone must go to Settings and choose Sound & Notification. Then select App Notifications for adjusting the notifications on each social media network app. With this setting you will get notifications even on lock screen which can be viewed easily.

3. Set up notifications in social media app- Now you must access your social media network app to set up the particular notifications that you like to get on your mobile. Make sure to organize the notifications for a particular action which is more important for you. In Twitter, you can select the option to see whether a new users has started following your. You can also select an option to see all the new mention and direct message that you like to respond. Make sure that the notifications are configured very simple, so you can act immediately without getting it complicated. Those who are using Twitter app on iPhone, they must select Me icon in their Twitter profile and go to settings wheel in the profile photo and see the Mobile Notifications. Now you can edit the settings and even delete or reinstall the app. In Android phone, you must select three dots on top right in Twitter app, then select Settings and Notifications to see the Mobile Notifications options.

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