Adding Buy Buttons In Twitter

All the businesses who sell their product using Twitter must use the option buy buttons. Usually buy now buttons are used in a tweet and make the people to purchase the product from there. This option is available for all the retailers and you can also display your product price also. The purchase can be made within Twitter that makes it possible for every business to reach the customers directly. It is possible to get involved into a direct conversion with the customers and avoid other sources for purchasing. The process of adding the buy button is very simple which can be done by following few simple steps. You can use Stripe Relay to add the buy button about your product. To do this you have to create an account in Stripe Relay and connect it with your business account in Twitter. Go to the setting in Stripe Relay and select Apps to sign in using your Twitter account to enable the feature.

Next you have to set up the shipping & tax policies related to your business. Then select Relay Settings which will automatically be featured in the purchases. Now you will be able to include the products by visiting the products page. Just click on the option ‘Create your first product’ and add all the product related details. Once you have created the product there will be tweetable URL on the Stripe dashboard. You can use this URL in the tweet and the buy now button will be displayed automatically into the tweet. Now all the Twitter users will be able to make a purchase on this social media platform. You can easily create a buzz in Twitter by adding this option in your tweet where people will be able to purchase your product right from the social media platform. Since its introduction in Twitter, many businesses have been using this feature more effectively to sell their product.

When your get an order through this buy now button, an email will be received from the Stripe account which can be seen in the Stripe dashboard. The buy button is considered to be in its development stage from a long time and Twitter has been adding new features to make it more effective. Already most of the big brands in the market are using this option to attract customers on the social media platform. It is better to do some experiment with your social media account related to your business by adding this buy button. There are also lot of advantages available when you include the buy button in your tweet and it can be achieved only if your use this option for your business purpose. There is no need to spend any money to use this option as it is completely free to use the feature in Twitter account to advertise the product. Apart from Twitter there are also other social media networks that are planning to include buy button including Pinterest.