Steps To Start A Twitter Interview

Twitter interviews can be the right choice if you are planning to develop your business network on this social media platform. You can just start the Twitter interviews which are just like other interviews where you can have a conversation through tweets. There is lot of advantages when you use Twitter for interviews which includes knowing about people in Twitter, share your views and more. You can also conduct Twitter interviews live and make it useful for your business. Make sure at the end of your interview try to publish its transcript in your blog as well as share it in all social media channels to make it really work.

1. Interview reasons- First you have to find the reason for your interview and why you want to conduct in Twitter. By knowing this you will be able to select the right people for the interview and ask the questions related to your business. You can also provide the most useful insight to the Twitter audience and even promote other services.

2. Contact before interview- You have to get in touch with the person before the interview to make sure that they understand the reasons behind your Twitter interview. Try to give them a good insight about your interview by sending a email. Mention the details about your interview in the email.

3. Select the hashtag- Hashtags are the best choice in Twitter to make the people follow your interview. You have to select the best hashtag that can attract most of the people for your interview. The interview hashtag in Twitter will help the people to follow and even search the most relevant event.

4. Track your interview- Decide about the interview questions which will be asked to the participant and also maintain the time in which the Twitter interview should end. You will be able to keep a track about your interview by doing this. Also track the best suitable people for your Twitter interview and the time suitable to keep them attracted. You can select different questions for your various interviews or even use the same set of questions for all the Twitter interviews which depends on you.

5. TweetChat- This is one of the best monitoring tools for using it with Twitter and it can help to tweet live during the interviews for different reasons. This tool is useful for everyone to access easily as it is a web-based version and the signing in into the Twitter account is also simple with this tool.

6. Promote your interview- It is important for the people to know that you are conducting a Twitter interview. You can also use other social media platform to make the people aware of your interview. Use all the relevant methods to promote your Twitter interview both online and offline. Then you have to send a tweet the Twitter interview a day before the schedule. Also remind about the interview through tweets few hours and minutes before the interview.

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