Engage Your Audience On Social Media

Engaging with your social media audience is the best way to keep them attracted to your business. Most of the bigger brands follow a particular method to keep their audience engaged on the social media platform. This will help the audiences to come more than once to your social media account.

1. Start a video competition- Try to begin a social media contest featuring a video to grab attention of your customers. Start a video competition that keeps your audience engaged. Also stream a live video during a sporting event and announce rewards for your audience who engage with your social media account during this video streaming. Creating an attractive video can be really difficult so make sure to reward the audience with bigger incentives which will really engage them.

2. Sharing stories- Ask your audience on audience to share a story of their experience related to your brand and you can select the best story for rewarding the winners. You can know how the audiences use your brand by just asking to share story related to your product on Twitter. Earlier the character was limited to 140 on Twitter which was very difficult to share a story, but now the limitation has been removed which really makes it easy for the audience to share their own story in the right way. Try to announce incentives related to your business for the customers which can easily increase your engagement.

3. Announce a prize- There is no need to announce a prize which consists of incentives, but it can also feature trivia questions which are the right way to attract your audience. Use a standard trivia questions which is done by most of the bigger brands in the present day to engage with their customers. This will create a curiosity among your customers to know the answer for the trivia questions. Try to update the answer for your trivia question in two steps which will make the customer to visit your social media account at least twice.

4. Use customer tips- Ask for customers ideas to share their ideas about promoting your products. Most of the people like to share opinions on the social media related to various products, so this can be helpful in keeping them engaged. Ask the customers a way to improve your business by sharing their ideas which is one of the best ways to attract them directly to your social media account.

5. Post regular content- Try to post a same type of content on weekly basis. The weekly posts are known to receive more comments from the audience and you can also have a good interaction with your followers converting it into a good conversation. Select a topic based on which you can post regular content on weekly basis to keep your customers attracted. There are also few tools like HootSuite that can be used to schedule your posts on weekly basis to update the content automatically.

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