Engaging With People Without Marketing

Most of the brands like to promote their brand with the marketing process. But there are also ways to stop the marketing and directly engaging with your audience on the social media. There are few common mistakes that are made by the social marketers while promoting their brand through social media platform. But these issues can be fixed and get engaged with your social audience easily. The marketers will be able to improve their social media experience by engaging with their audiences. Most of the people think that sharing more content on the social media channel like Twitter can generate lot of engaging audience. But it is not possible to generate audience with just posting contents as they must be unique and you must also have more followers which can be achieved with easy methods. The brands usually think that they are active on Twitter, but actually they are not. Many people like to schedule their tweets, but this can effective in some cases and live tweets can be the best option to attract the audience.

While posting tweets live, it is possible to react to the audience response immediately which will help in developing a good relationship with your followers as well. In the earlier days when Twitter was introduced, a tweet used to get more than 100 replies, but it is not possible in the present day as the audience will be looking to share only interesting contents. The marketers usually try various things to promote their brand on Twitter which really make other people to ignore the tweets even it is interesting. Most of the marketers concentrate on promoting their brand to a large audience and they fail to understand about the engagement. It is important for the brands to stay consistent when they are sharing their product details even if they have more number of followers which is really a major part of customer service. Try to reach to all the audience expectations on the social media with your content as it can be easily done. There is no need to create the tweets to attract the audience instead try to take action which will help other to understand your ability.

As a marketer you must be able to provide good information about your brand, so it also encourages people share your content on the social media platform. The marketers must always select one of the social media channel to promote their product than focusing on all the platforms at the same time. Start posting contents on all the social platforms in the beginning, but try to asses which one is best suitable for your promotion. Twitter has been a major source in promoting a product for a long time now and major brands avail its service to reach their customer. Twitter also provides an option to chat with the audience related to your product which is really an interesting way to attract them in buying the product.

Twitter Promotion By Others

There are many brands who like to promote their product on the social media platform. You have to be regularly active in order to attract the customer to your social media post related to your product and service. Twitter is one of the most important sources where marketers like to use for reaching to relevant customers. There are also other ways to promote your product like with the help of other people on this platform.

1. Using a tweet button- You must use the tweet button in every page related to your product on the social media. There are different options available for using the tweet button that can be selected based on your interest. Then use different URL on each page of your post and the button must go to your homepage of the product. Create a custom tweet which must also feature a hasgtag related to your product or service. The tweet must not promote your brand in a huge manner, so try to keep it simple and make sure it is easily understood by everyone who reads it.

2. Use Twitter widget- You must embed the Twitter widget to get your product promoted. To create the Twitter widget, first you must login into your Twitter account and select create New option. Now you can see Search Query where you need to include the hashtag. Try to use the best theme for your widget and adjust the height so it looks good on your page.

3. Business tweet- This is important to know the experience of the consumer who has taken your service. Once a person completes a transaction with your brand, try to send a tweet that can look pleasant. The customer will get really excited for making the right decision after reading your business tweet. There are also special tools that can be used to create your business tweet that can attract more customers.

4. Publicize your tweets- This type of tweets will help the people those who have availed your service to get excited. You can easily create these kinds of tweets, just use ClicktoTweet and make sure to use the right hashtag related to your brand. It is the best way to promote your brand and attract the people to the sales page. Try to combine all the tweets in your Twitter widget by bringing promotion back into the sales page which is not known by many people who use Twitter for marketing purpose.

5. Craft your tweets- It is one of the important step which will help to reach to people who can share your content with others on this social media platform and you can also schedule your post on Twitter account. This step is really helpful in reaching the people those who would like to promote your brand with others on the social media. Don’t forget to use hashtag related to your brand in the tweets that are created to attract the people.

Attract More Traffic To Twitter Content

Twitter is one of the best sources to develop your business and there are best ways to increase your traffic with the help of your content. One way you can achieve more traffic to your content is by updating it on regular basis. Most of the people avoid using the Twitter search to find the right content, but they don’t know that the breaking news normally gets shared on Twitter first than in other platforms. The important news usually hits Twitter most of the time and it also spread very fast as people like to share information in quick time. In Twitter try to use search function to track all your competition using the keywords and also find the conversations in actual time. This is one of the best ways to assess the most trending topics on the social media channel like Twitter. According to a report, most of the people find the breaking new hit Twitter before reaching to other sources.

Twitter is able to provide more updated traffic source which is not able to offer other similar social media networks. It is possible to share an offer on Twittter more than once during the day as the tweet lifespan is just 30 seconds. This is one of the reason that you can share the same content at least 2 or 3 times in a single day. You must also monitor and track all of your tweets performance during the day to know how it is performing on the social media channel. Always share the content that performs well on Twitter and make sure it is relevant to your business. Every brand must stay active on Twitter and maintain their consistency in posting the content. Many brands don’t do this as they come to Twitter only to post a content related to their business. Once you are active, try to engage with the people who have responded to your tweets or posts. When you engage with the people positively, they will start following your profile which will directly increase the number of followers for your Twitter account.

Most of the people just use texts in their post, but another way to reach the audience perfectly is by adding videos and images in your post. Add visually to all your posts to make it look more attractive. Visuals are perfect choice for every brand to showcase their products and the audience on the social media platform can get visually attracted. Another way to increase your content traffic is with the help of social media apps. There are few special apps like HootSuite that helps the Twitter user to have a unique experience on this platform. Also promote your Twitter content on blogs which can help in attracting more audience. If you are not able to create a new content for sharing it on Twitter, select the trending toipc and share it through your account which is a perfect way to stay active.

Engage Your Audience On Social Media

Engaging with your social media audience is the best way to keep them attracted to your business. Most of the bigger brands follow a particular method to keep their audience engaged on the social media platform. This will help the audiences to come more than once to your social media account.

1. Start a video competition- Try to begin a social media contest featuring a video to grab attention of your customers. Start a video competition that keeps your audience engaged. Also stream a live video during a sporting event and announce rewards for your audience who engage with your social media account during this video streaming. Creating an attractive video can be really difficult so make sure to reward the audience with bigger incentives which will really engage them.

2. Sharing stories- Ask your audience on audience to share a story of their experience related to your brand and you can select the best story for rewarding the winners. You can know how the audiences use your brand by just asking to share story related to your product on Twitter. Earlier the character was limited to 140 on Twitter which was very difficult to share a story, but now the limitation has been removed which really makes it easy for the audience to share their own story in the right way. Try to announce incentives related to your business for the customers which can easily increase your engagement.

3. Announce a prize- There is no need to announce a prize which consists of incentives, but it can also feature trivia questions which are the right way to attract your audience. Use a standard trivia questions which is done by most of the bigger brands in the present day to engage with their customers. This will create a curiosity among your customers to know the answer for the trivia questions. Try to update the answer for your trivia question in two steps which will make the customer to visit your social media account at least twice.

4. Use customer tips- Ask for customers ideas to share their ideas about promoting your products. Most of the people like to share opinions on the social media related to various products, so this can be helpful in keeping them engaged. Ask the customers a way to improve your business by sharing their ideas which is one of the best ways to attract them directly to your social media account.

5. Post regular content- Try to post a same type of content on weekly basis. The weekly posts are known to receive more comments from the audience and you can also have a good interaction with your followers converting it into a good conversation. Select a topic based on which you can post regular content on weekly basis to keep your customers attracted. There are also few tools like HootSuite that can be used to schedule your posts on weekly basis to update the content automatically.

Ways To Design Engaging Social Blogs

Blogs are the most engaging source for many readers and you must follow few techniques to make the people visit it more often. There are also few social media platforms that help you to make the blogs easily reachable to all the viewers. But before doing this you have to update the blog in regular basis to make it more attractive for the people. Before using these methods, try to design the blog in such a way that it can attract more readers.

1. Use bright design- Most of the people will get attracted to your blog by seeing the design. So you must select the design that can be easily visible to the readers easily before reading the content. Even while browsing through social media channels, there are people who like to click the blog links from their mobile itself. In the present day, many people like to access their social channels through mobile, so using a design that looks good on mobile device is also very important. There are also people who like to visit the social channels or blogs from their computer as it can be easily readable. Also make sure that your website is mobile friendly and is capable of attracting the readers.

2. Using card design- In this you will see the visual information and it is much effective for designing the blogs with multiple posts. The card design will be useful for the marketers to display multiple posts in a single place and it will also look visually attractive. There is no need to scroll down the list of the posts if you use this design as the readers can just go through different design cards. Most of the people usually see blogs when they are attractive as well as interesting.

3. Use personalized blog content- This is very important to attract multiple audiences to your blogs. You can also create blogs with personal touch and you can also ask the visitors to for their identity before proceeding to the blog contents. There is no need to fill any form, just make sure that the visitors share their interests to see relevant posts. While personalizing the blog, you can get more benefit out of it and provide better viewing experience for the readers. This is mainly helpful for the marketers who want to get more blog visitors.

4. Storytelling Technique- The readers like to see more look for useful elements in a single blog posts, so try to get the information in which it is possible to add it in a single design. Be creative while sharing information to the readers through the blogs. Also use images and other visual contents that can keep the readers engaged with the post. Use all the information that can keep the people engaged with the content and make sure to follow new ways that can help to keep the readers interested in your post as well as visit the website regularly.

Steps To Start A Twitter Interview

Twitter interviews can be the right choice if you are planning to develop your business network on this social media platform. You can just start the Twitter interviews which are just like other interviews where you can have a conversation through tweets. There is lot of advantages when you use Twitter for interviews which includes knowing about people in Twitter, share your views and more. You can also conduct Twitter interviews live and make it useful for your business. Make sure at the end of your interview try to publish its transcript in your blog as well as share it in all social media channels to make it really work.

1. Interview reasons- First you have to find the reason for your interview and why you want to conduct in Twitter. By knowing this you will be able to select the right people for the interview and ask the questions related to your business. You can also provide the most useful insight to the Twitter audience and even promote other services.

2. Contact before interview- You have to get in touch with the person before the interview to make sure that they understand the reasons behind your Twitter interview. Try to give them a good insight about your interview by sending a email. Mention the details about your interview in the email.

3. Select the hashtag- Hashtags are the best choice in Twitter to make the people follow your interview. You have to select the best hashtag that can attract most of the people for your interview. The interview hashtag in Twitter will help the people to follow and even search the most relevant event.

4. Track your interview- Decide about the interview questions which will be asked to the participant and also maintain the time in which the Twitter interview should end. You will be able to keep a track about your interview by doing this. Also track the best suitable people for your Twitter interview and the time suitable to keep them attracted. You can select different questions for your various interviews or even use the same set of questions for all the Twitter interviews which depends on you.

5. TweetChat- This is one of the best monitoring tools for using it with Twitter and it can help to tweet live during the interviews for different reasons. This tool is useful for everyone to access easily as it is a web-based version and the signing in into the Twitter account is also simple with this tool.

6. Promote your interview- It is important for the people to know that you are conducting a Twitter interview. You can also use other social media platform to make the people aware of your interview. Use all the relevant methods to promote your Twitter interview both online and offline. Then you have to send a tweet the Twitter interview a day before the schedule. Also remind about the interview through tweets few hours and minutes before the interview.

Adding Buy Buttons In Twitter

All the businesses who sell their product using Twitter must use the option buy buttons. Usually buy now buttons are used in a tweet and make the people to purchase the product from there. This option is available for all the retailers and you can also display your product price also. The purchase can be made within Twitter that makes it possible for every business to reach the customers directly. It is possible to get involved into a direct conversion with the customers and avoid other sources for purchasing. The process of adding the buy button is very simple which can be done by following few simple steps. You can use Stripe Relay to add the buy button about your product. To do this you have to create an account in Stripe Relay and connect it with your business account in Twitter. Go to the setting in Stripe Relay and select Apps to sign in using your Twitter account to enable the feature.

Next you have to set up the shipping & tax policies related to your business. Then select Relay Settings which will automatically be featured in the purchases. Now you will be able to include the products by visiting the products page. Just click on the option ‘Create your first product’ and add all the product related details. Once you have created the product there will be tweetable URL on the Stripe dashboard. You can use this URL in the tweet and the buy now button will be displayed automatically into the tweet. Now all the Twitter users will be able to make a purchase on this social media platform. You can easily create a buzz in Twitter by adding this option in your tweet where people will be able to purchase your product right from the social media platform. Since its introduction in Twitter, many businesses have been using this feature more effectively to sell their product.

When your get an order through this buy now button, an email will be received from the Stripe account which can be seen in the Stripe dashboard. The buy button is considered to be in its development stage from a long time and Twitter has been adding new features to make it more effective. Already most of the big brands in the market are using this option to attract customers on the social media platform. It is better to do some experiment with your social media account related to your business by adding this buy button. There are also lot of advantages available when you include the buy button in your tweet and it can be achieved only if your use this option for your business purpose. There is no need to spend any money to use this option as it is completely free to use the feature in Twitter account to advertise the product. Apart from Twitter there are also other social media networks that are planning to include buy button including Pinterest.

Monitor Social Accounts With Notifications

Social media accounts must be monitored regularly to make sure that you are getting proper engagements in it. But sometimes there are chances that you may miss important information in your inbox of the social media account. To avoid this you can just customize the social media account inbox to be used in your mobile. It is also possible to create notifications that can help to stay connected with messages in your inbox. With all the following options you will be able to use the social media network apps in your mobile and get all the notifications perfectly adjusting the settings. The notifications selected on the settings will help you to monitor all the important messages received in your inbox of the social media network with the help of your mobile.

1. Download social media app- Try to download your app launched by the social media networks officially which is the best option to start with. There are also other apps that can help you with the same things which are usually done with the official social app. But some of the social media networks like Twitter offer only one app for its users of Android and iPhone.

2. Notification preferences- If you are using an iPhone, then just go to Settings and select the option Notifications. Now you will be able to configure all of your social media network apps as per your preference to get notifications. It is easy to see all the notifications to be reviewed after setting your social media account according to your preference. You can go through Notification Center to see the messages received on your social media account in detail. Those who use Android phone must go to Settings and choose Sound & Notification. Then select App Notifications for adjusting the notifications on each social media network app. With this setting you will get notifications even on lock screen which can be viewed easily.

3. Set up notifications in social media app- Now you must access your social media network app to set up the particular notifications that you like to get on your mobile. Make sure to organize the notifications for a particular action which is more important for you. In Twitter, you can select the option to see whether a new users has started following your. You can also select an option to see all the new mention and direct message that you like to respond. Make sure that the notifications are configured very simple, so you can act immediately without getting it complicated. Those who are using Twitter app on iPhone, they must select Me icon in their Twitter profile and go to settings wheel in the profile photo and see the Mobile Notifications. Now you can edit the settings and even delete or reinstall the app. In Android phone, you must select three dots on top right in Twitter app, then select Settings and Notifications to see the Mobile Notifications options.

Hootsuite To Assess Social Media

Knowing the results of your social media is very important as it can help to know the activities done on this platform and save your time. There are ways to know these results which can be achieved like reports with the help of few simple tools. One of the best tool that is recommended and used by most of the social media people is the Hootsuite. This tool is very common among the Twitter users as it helps them to do all the process in a much easier way. Hootsuite can be used with basic plan, but if you are really planning to use this tool to the extent level select the premium option. With paid plan in Hootsuite you can get access to number of new features that can help you to get enhanced report related to your social media account.

1. Template reports- Hootsuite can be used to get the template reports of the social media platform. To use Hootsuite, first create an account and log into the tool. Then go to the dashboard and select analytics icon located at the left side on the screen. Now you can see the list of new template reports that can be used with basic features. With the basic Hootsuite account it is possible to get only 2 basic reports. The profile overview template helps to track the follower growth in Twitter over time along with keyword mentions. Try to generate this basic report on regular basis using the profile development in Twitter. To get the report, just go to report owner to select the Twitter profile and choose the option Create Report. Now you will get the report generated and adjust it as per your desire. The report can be downloaded in PDF and CSV format or get a print from the tool itself.

2. Paid templates- Using Hootsuite with premium accounts can help to get template reports that are listed in Analytics section. Each template that is see will take out few points which is based on the paid package selected by you. There are different versions of paid template reports which include Twitter engagement report that helps to track the follower growth in Twitter along with mentions as well as retweets. Twitter aggregate is another template that can be used to compare the Twitter accounts and it can be the perfect option if you are managing multiple Twitter accounts.

3. Custom reports- Hootsuite also provides custom reports by bringing together all the details received and simplify your process. There are 2 options available for getting these custom reports such as with Analytics screen where you have to select Build Custom Report. In the report template you must select edit icon to see the Report Builder. There will be two options now which includes report template and build custom report. Use Analytic Modules in Report Builder to edit the modules and this can be done only if you have a paid Hootsuite account.